NextStep GoodLife is a resource that meets people where they are, on their mobile devices, to provide them with positivity and resilience cultivation tools. NextStep GoodLife helps you: Set and manage goals related to fitness, nutrition, mindfulness, and social engagement; Create and join communities around interests like music, sports, food, the outdoors, animals, and more; Sharing video modules and positive messages with others to help spread positivity in your communities; See Stories from others who have built skills to manage daily stressors and navigate adversity in positive ways; Learn about different resilience principles like empowerment, support, commitment to learning, positive identity, and more.
Thank you for your interest in bringing NextStep GoodLife to your Community. We work with schools and nonprofits, as well as other community activists and organizations, to provide students a positivity-based social platform backed by evidence-based research to foster resilience and promote positive community engagement. A coordinated 'Group Migration' to NextStep GoodLife from other social media apps is an effective way to onboard your community onto a more positive social platform. A group migration could be part of a health class, assembly or other school wide event to promote resilience, and a healthier alternative to a positivity-based social app, with groups or pods of students and teachers joining together.
A NextStep GoodLife Creator is a person who is dedicated to promoting positivity in their community and beyond. A Creator must agree and adhere to the NextStep GoodLife community guidelines to provide a positive experience for all in the NextStep GoodLife community. The guidelines include but are not limited to the following: no vulgar or explicit content, language or swearing; no content that is intended to harm or negatively impact someone or a group of people; no cyberbullying. Breach of platform community guidelines will result in account suspension. A user must be at least 18 years old or have their parent's consent to apply to be a Creator.
A typical account does not have the capability to post any content directly to the NextStep GoodLife mobile app or create 'user-generated content'; Text-based comments for content are pre-populated. Video and text-based content is curated by NextStep GoodLife using an evidence-based framework. Individuals may submit a Story to NextStep GoodLife, which is subject to approval prior to being featured on the platform, to ensure the post adheres to our community guidelines and content standards. If a submitted Story does not adhere to our community guidelines the content will not be featured on the platform.
Reach out today with any additional questions you may have about partnerships or support.